Rates and Fees

There is no charge for an individual to complete the application process. The information entered in the application is used to match an individual with a lender. Because we are not a lender and our role is to provide the service of matching a lender up with an applicant, the exact rates and fees charged to individuals will vary based on the lender and the loan terms. Potential borrowers should be aware that the rates and fees associated with payday loans tend to be higher than charges associated with traditional loans. Details related to these fees can be discussed directly with the lender.

Borrowers must thoroughly review all of the information about the payday loan once they have been matched with a lender and approved for the loan. Details about the amount that will be borrowed and all rates and fees applied to this amount will be outlined in the loan agreement. Individuals are under no obligation to accept the loan offer. Questions or concerns related to the content of the loan agreement can be directed to the lender.

Because we only provide matching services and are not a lender, we disclaim liability associated with the application process, loan terms and any information relayed to borrowers by lenders.