Payday Loans Online – Privacy

When people borrow money, they shouldn’t have to be concerned about the lender discussing the parameters of the loan with a third party. In a number of instances, lenders will call the individual’s employer directly and discuss the conditions of the loan. In this case, respects the privacy of its clients. We understand the importance of discretion and respect the level of trust our customers have placed with us. As a result, our privacy policy states that will not divulge any information to third parties, except under the following conditions.

• Third Parties that help with Account Maintenance

From time to time, will disclose personal information to third parties with the sole intention of using that relationship to better service your account and speed up the process time on future loan applications.

• Full Disclosure as Permitted By Law will disclose personal information to third parties, such as law enforcement authorities or regulators, under circumstances that require us to take an active role in resolving consumer disputes, perform authentication checks or for institutional risk control. These situations are rare and our decision to divulge information is based solely on the conclusion that the borrower has not conducted themselves in good faith, or has pursued activities that are deemed illegal.

Aside from these two exceptions, will not divulge any personal information with third parties unless our clients have given us implicit instructions to do so. However, as is the case with being a provider of short term loans, we do require and collect personal information in the normal course of business in order to better manage, and service, your account and future loan requirements.

Application & Registration does collect personal information that our applications provide voluntarily and willingly. This information includes your name, your phone number, your employment information, your email address and your home address. We understand that this information is confidential and therefore treat it with the utmost respect.

In addition, we restrict our own employee’s access to your personal information. All that’s provided to them is the information they need to better manage and service your account. We have a myriad of safeguards in place in order to protect your privacy. Among these include procedural, electronic, physical and hierarchal procedures aimed at keeping your information provide. Should any of your information change, at any time, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we may update our records.