Financial Fundamentals

Avoiding Excess Debt

Overwhelming debt that seriously impacts an individual’s financial well-being has become a worldwide problem. While millions of people across the globe are struggling with debt, it is essential for individuals to take responsibility and be proactive about managing their finances and avoiding debt in the future.

The first step to taking control is making a comprehensive list of all current debts. This helps people understand exactly how much they owe and provides a starting point for budgeting.

Anyone who is behind on their bills and cannot afford to pay the amount owed on debts should contact their lenders immediately to discuss the situation and work out a payment plan that is reasonable.

Keeping Financial Information Secure

This website is specifically designed to keep any financial information entered by visitors secure. Security measures are regularly tested to make sure that they are working as intended. While we are proactive about protecting our users, there are steps that users should take to ensure that their information can never be compromised.

Never use email to send us sensitive financial or personal information. Any questions or concerns that require an individual to provide financial or personal information can be submitted through this website. Avoid sending sensitive information if it is not absolutely essential.

Visitors are reminded to keep their anti-virus software updated. Most software packages inform users if there are updates that need to be downloaded. Download these updates immediately to avoid a decrease in the reliability of anti-virus software. Firewalls should be tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are working as intended.

Use a unique password for this website. Include a combination of numbers and capital and lowercase letters. This password should be kept secret and should not be used for any other websites. Using a unique password for every website visited significantly decreases any damage that can be done if a password is stolen.

Suspicious emails that claim to be from our website should be reported to us immediately. We will investigate all reports of suspicious emails associated with our website. Do not follow any links that are contained in these emails, and do not provide the sender with any personal information.

Everyone should take the time to request a credit report at least once per year. This gives individuals the opportunity to verify that all information contained in the report is correct. Unusually high account balances or unfamiliar accounts are both signs that a person may be the victim of identity theft. Identity theft should be reported to the credit reporting agencies as soon as it is detected.